Many adults are constantly playing with or collecting toys. They have usually started their toy hobby many years ago, but they never got out of it. Kids enjoy hanging out with these adults because they are usually more friendly and fun to be with.

Men are often into model cars and trucks. Some will have a collection of racing cars whilst some will have a collection of vintage trucks. But be warned though; that most of the time your precious toy truck will have its paint work destroyed by the kids or grand kids...

Lots of women have a collection of dolls from their child hood days, and often play with them when they are bored. Many of them will prefer fashion dolls whilst other will prefer antique dolls. Most of the time, ladies will start to craft clothing for their dolls and this can leading to an exciting hobby. Some ladies, (who are really creative) will craft their own dolls out of old clothes; cotton wool etc.

Wooden toys are fairly popular to adults who enjoy woodworking (as they usually make them for themselves). Also, since they are cheap to make it’s often given to the toddlers to enjoy.

Another very popular toy collection hobby is that of beanie bags. They are small; colorful; inexpensive and come in a variety of animal imitations! Another firm favorite is colleting teddy bears. I mean, who doesn't collect (or at least have them from child hood days) teddy bears?

My basic point for this post? You don't have to outgrow toys! Toy hobbies will help keep you young at heart and also make you a favorite amongst your family's kids!