How Often Do You Need To Walk Your Dog

Do you love your dog? Of course you do!! Who doesn't love a furry, cuddly, friendly and playful best friend? If you have a dog, then you need to ensure that he or she is properly taken care off. One of the most important aspects of proper dog care, and a question that is shared by many is: "how often do you need to walk a dog?". Well do not despair, as in this article I will give you my opinion on the proper routine to keep you dog in shape and living a long life.

Remember, the tips that I am providing below are only my views on how often do you need to walk your dog. There are many species that will require different amount of exercise, and also the age of your dog will affect how often do you need to walk your dog.

1) How many times a day:
I would recommend that you take your dog out for a walk twice a day. this way he/ she does not get over tired as would be the case in a single walking session, but also because it helps keep your dog in better shape. If you just took him out for one walk a day, then they would become exhausted instead of energized. Also, it is cooler and more comfortable to walk at dusk and dawn as compared to during the mid day heat. If however, the weather permits and you have the time, then I think it would be okay to take a third walk (at around lunch time). I don't think dogs mind walking and running around a lot. in fact, I think they enjoy it!

2) How long/ far should we walk:
This factor is very breed and age specific. For instance some dogs, like a Jack Russell Terrier, can be much more energetic as compared to a larger breed of dog. If you dog is elderly, then you may need to walk a shorter distance with him otherwise he will become tired and worse off health wise. If you are going to be walking your dog twice a day like mentioned above, then a good estimates will be to walk for about a half hour each time.

As you can see from the above information, the answer to the question of how often do you need to walk your dog, cannot be set in stone. Although this article was not a complete guide on dog walking, I hope that I have helped you make a more informed decision about how often do you need to walk your dog.