How To Paint Your Mailbox Creatively

Are the numbers on your mailbox starting to fade? Does the original navy blue color on your mailbox look like neon yellow? Would you like to restore the inner beauty into the only thing that will stay out in the rain just to keep you mail dry? Well, this article on how to paint your mailbox will definitely help! In this article, I will provide a few suggestions and ideas on how to paint your mailbox creatively.

I am going to list the steps that you need to take in order to do a good job of painting your mailbox creatively. Remember, these are only guidelines and you are allowed to do them differently if you choose to, but this article is to help those who do not have any prior knowledge on the subject.

1) Remove the old paint:
The first step that you need to take in you search of how to creatively paint a mailbox is to get rid of any excessive, old and flaky paint that may already be present. You can so this quite simply by using a good quality metal paint scraper (I advise you to purchase a good quality one so that it will be able to complete the job without breaking mid way through). This will be able to easily take off the bulk of the old paint. You can then sand the surface until it is smooth and clean, starting off with rougher sandpaper and then progressively work your way down to a finer one. When you are sanding down the surface, you don’t have to bother about taking out any old paint that is not flaking or cracking.

2) Choose a deep and dark color:
I think that dark, strong colors look the best on mailboxes (just my opinion though), how about you? Colors like dark green, blue, purple, and even red look great and add a bit of flair to the mailbox. Remember however, the color selection is your choice and will depend on how creative you want to get with painting your mailbox. If you want, you can even mix up the colors, add some patterns and use just about any color scheme that is to your liking.

3) Type of paint:
When you are purchasing paint be careful to choose on that will be able to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, unfortunately these are also the more expensive paints but are of a higher quality which makes it a good investment. The paint should be UV-resistant, of superior quality and preferably oil-based which will add to the shine and the amount of time it will last.

4) The numbers on your mailbox:
It is essential to have your house number clearly visible on your mailbox. It would not be nice to miss a special package that was meant for you because of a poorly numbered mailbox. You can either paint the numbers on or you could purchase brass number that can be screwed on. The choice is yours and will depend on how creatively you want to paint your mailbox. I would recommend that you don’t paint the numbers on, as it won’t last as long. The brass numbers on the other hand, will remain long after you beautiful paint job has worn out.

The activity of painting your mailbox creatively can be quite fun! Its really exciting to be able to add any color you choose and make designs that you wish on your mailbox to add a personal touch to it. I hope that this article will have helped you on your search of how to paint mailbox creatively. Have fun, and enjoy!